Things To Consider Before Printing Business Cards

Many new entrepreneurs may think that getting business cards printed is a relatively easy thing to do. But, it is important to remember that your business card provides not only your contact information but a snapshot of your brand. Here are our top 5 key things to consider before going to print so that you portray your company in the best light. Be sure to choose the right name for your business, and also make sure that the company name is cleared for use. Using the name of your corporation, LLC or DBA is a common choice. Additionally, you may also want to brand your company name with either a logo, graphic text or both. Many entrepreneurs will try to cut corners by designing their own logo or using stock images from the local printer. This is cost effective and very inexpensive. However, the final design could look “homemade” and “unprofessional”.

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Remember your business card represents you and your company. A professionally designed logo is worth the investment. LogoWorks’ Startup Package is perfect for the serious business owner, which and includes a logo design, stationery design, 3 page website and 500 free business cards. 30 off any service. If you have the resources (i.e. money), hiring a graphic designer or a branding consultant to create your logo is a great option. The only drawback is cost which can range from hundreds to several thousands of dollars. During the startup phase, spending tons of money for a logo may not be the right choice, especially when cutting costs is crucial. One alternative that many entrepreneurs have relied upon is outsourcing to online logo companies to get their creative projects designed without the high ad agency fees. Now once your logo is complete, the final task is to trademark your company name and logo to protect your logo from infringement and imitators.

If you haven’t done so already, you will want to secure the website domain name(s) and showcase the website address on your business card. Regardless if you’re an internet business or not, you should invest in a company website. You don’t have to have full website up and running before you start handing out business cards. Just be sure to buy the domain name(s) and put up a “coming soon” page with your company contact information. Once you have the domain name, you can also set up email accounts so you can send and receive company email. You can start thinking about how to design and build your website later when you have time to plan and develop your website strategy. WebsitePros has a great, no-strings-attached, free website trial offer where they build a completely functional website. You can decide in 30 days whether or not to purchase. Some business owners may use free email (and website) services to cut costs such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail (and MySpace).

The drawback is that you may compromise the professionalism that is conveyed with an address from [email protected] You should also put some thought into what phone and fax numbers to print on your business card. Depending on the type of business, you will want make sure you secure proper communication services for your operations. Many startup entrepreneurs will consider using their cell or home phone as their main phone line. This is another way to cut costs, especially during the start up phase. However, you’ll want to make sure to maintain the professionalism of you and your business

In today’s era, business is not only about the products and services that you provide. It is also about how you choose to promote your services and products. The target customers must be made aware of your existence and the quality of your services. You need to inform them how your services and products are different from those of your fellow competitors. However, before taking any steps, it is extremely essential to plan a budget at first. Budget should be of utmost priority when business comes into play. You need to run your business efficiently within your stipulated budget. You cannot exceed it because that might lead to a loss, a scenario that you never want to face. Other than the cost of raw materials and production charges, a number of other different kinds of costs are incurred while running a business. Promotion of your products and services is very essential.

The advertising must be done in a way so as to attract more and more customers. However, you need to act smartly even while promoting. Spending too much on this field might make you compromise on the quality of the products and services. You must choose a way so as that your words reach the target customers. Business cards and postcards are two of the most trusted means of promotion that have been put to use for long. Business cards are one the commonest methods of business promotion. One great advantage is that they come handy. Some necessary measures must be taken before printing business cards. You should preferably choose a simple design. It is unnecessary to experiment with the font to a great deal. All the important information like your phone number, address, email id and a catchy description of your products and services must be portrayed clearly. Always remember that your customers will gain their access to your products and services with the help of business cards. Choose a font color that is simple yet catchy, like black or dark grey.

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In this competitive era, you need to make sure that your business card stands out form the rest. You can choose a thick business card that is of good quality in order to expand its lifespan. The back of your business card might be printed with brand logos, statements and photos. Never put any information that is temporary on the business card. Your customer might carry the card for long and choose to read the information after a long time. All the information that is provided must be permanent. Postcards are another way of distributing information over a mass. 1000 4 X 6 postcards are often printed by companies or institutions to promote their services and products. They have an attractive look and generally are color printed. They should be eye catching and colorful, yet the information that is provided on them must be genuine and permanent. They are made up of glossy paper like that of photographs or you can also get them printed with a matte look. Printing 1000 4 X 6 postcards is often a good choice because whenever you choose to print in bulk, you are bound to enjoy a huge discount on your total cost. It is very important to Print Business Cards in this modern era of competitive business. Printing 1000 4×6 postcards is a good option of spreading word about your products and service

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